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Leading Rapid Improvement (Kaizen) Event Simulation: Workshop Details
This workshop is designed to provide healthcare professionals with an overview of the “Kaizen” Lean improvement method. The workshop provides an in-depth overview of the tools and skills necessary to lead a Kaizen event. Participants gain hands-on experience in the application of key Lean tools using a real-world healthcare case. The workshop is geared toward healthcare professionals in operations, information technology, decision support, care delivery, finance (revenue cycle), product design and development, and supply chain management - as well as individuals that drive improvement initiatives. Instructor: Jennifer Wortham Fee: $1000
Gathering and Interpreting Data to Improve Process Performance: Workshop Details
This one-day workshop is designed for healthcare professionals who will be actively involved in data driven performance improvement efforts. Through hands-on learning, participants will gain skills for gathering data and applying basic statistical analysis to data sets to address key problems in quality and service delivery within a healthcare organization. In addition, participants will build key competencies in creation of charts and graphs in MS-Excel using a practical data set. Participants will also learn the soft skills needed to make their projects a success: how to gain organizational support, how to present the results using techniques that inspire change, and how to facilitate continued progress. Taught with a mix of lecture, hands-on Excel exercises, group discussion, and teamwork, this workshop will provide you with the skills and practice time that empower you to turn your performance improvement ideas into actual success stories. Instructor: Leslie Gold Fee: $500