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Healthcare Disruption, Innovation and Transformation: Workshop Details
This workshop explores the significant changes transforming the health care industry. After almost forty years in a fee-for-service world, health care is undergoing a significant disruption to value-based payment and hence value-based care. This transformation results in significant needs in new products, technology and services to operate, grow and perform in the new era of value-based care. The instructor will review the philosophy of disruption, identify the characteristics of innovation, explore disruptive products and services designed to operate in the new world of value-based care. Instructor: John Nackel Fee: $500
Strategy Execution of Toyota Production System (TPS) Principles: Workshop Details
This workshop provides a framework for achieving key strategic initiatives based on the Toyota Production System (TPS). The session includes presentations from several healthcare industry executives on the application of TPS principles within their organization. Participants will also have the opportunity to tour the UCLA Ashe Student Health and Wellness Center - a facility that is successfully using the TPS program. Instructor: Jennifer Wortham Fee: $1000